Scheduling EHR Documentation Billing Reporting & Analysis
Podiatry Practice Management offers fully integrated practice and revenue management platform.
You can choose between In-house self service or fully outsourced service.
Through the shared scheduling, EHR documentation, and billing, the Podiatry Practice Management team becomes a virtual extension of your own office. It boosts your staff and gives you powerful control over your practice workflow, improves office productivity, increases your profitability, and levels the playing field with the payers.
Our philosophy is based on the "Network Effect". Simply put, the more providers that are part of our "network," the stronger we become in the battle to get you paid while improving compliance and reducing your risk for audits.
 EHR Documentation
100% HIPAA compliant
Ensures dynamic, precise, reliable, consistent, and inexpensive process.
Encoded billing knowledge base to match ICD-9 modifiers with EMR specific diagnostics.
Intuitive GUI next to the treatment table.
Podiatric specific templates.
Superior point-and-click templates.
Record SOAP Notes in less than 1 minute.
Integrated plan of care and progress tracking.
Touch-screen entry (optional).
Upload external files and images.
Patient surveys.
One–touch generation of insurance claim.
Integrated with scheduling and billing.
Billing Methodology for Improved Performance
Podiatry Practice Management shows a better way. You may not get every claim paid - but, by using our service, you'll get more claims paid and you'll certainly know what's happening on each step. And, more importantly, you'll know what to do about it!

Contact us for an interview with a Podiatry Practice Management representative and a comprehensive online demo of our Practice Management System today.

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