What Are Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Published: 2011-08-10 11:01:48
Author: Yssabel M.

 There is no difference between chiropodists and podiatrists. They are the same profession. However, chiro means hand in Greek while pod means foot. A chiropodist is a qualified doctor who treats patients with problems from the lower limb ie. foot or ankle. All professional podiatrists must be included on the HPC register before they are legally allowed to work with patients. This license is renewed every few years to ensure that the doctor is continually developing their profession.

Although there are many ailments which can affect the lower limb or foot, manypodiatrists offer treatment for corns, nails, verrucas and other palliative care. That's not all, they also treat problems which occur from fallen arches and ensure patients walk correctly to stop further problems with other joints. The blanket profession now includes musculoskeletal medicines, bio-mechanics, podiatric acupuncture and some surgery.

Due to the quick progression of the industry, chiropodists and podiatrists are offering wider scopes of medicine and treatments. They are frequently assigned patients who have had lower leg problems or surgery and are the first port of call before physio-therapy.

Podiatrists treat many people from all different ages and walks of life. Sometimes children have trouble walking as they grow and this can be painful. Sports men and women may suffer injuries and need their circulation helped. They also give out advice to potential patients who require advice with regards to footwear or the health of their feet.

How the chiropodist treats the patient comes in many different ways. Firstly, they will assess the foot ailment. Whether it is a verruca or deformity, they will know which route to take fro the 5 years of learning at university. They also analyze the way the patient walks or runs to differentiate the anatomical relationship between the feet and ankles. They also help people who have had a lower limb amputated and have a prosthesis.