Treat your feet right this summer

Published: 2011-05-16 10:57:52

  Kick off those boots. It’s finally time to let your winter-weary feet out into the sun.

There’s more to consider than toe polish and style. The most important thing in looking for those great summer shoes is support. Flat sandals and barely-there flip-flops may feel freeing now, but wait until the real shoes have to go back on in the fall.

"People run around in flip-flops, then they can’t get their shoes on in September because their [feet] are a half-size bigger," says Ramsey podiatrist and foot surgeon Elaine Alicakos. "Their foot flattened. Your foot gets wider, it expands with being barefoot all summer, so when you go to put your dress shoes on in September, [they] are tight."

The ideal summer shoe is "anything that can get some air to your feet but also have good support."

Fashionistas are in luck. One of this season’s big trends fits that description.

"Wedges are amazing. I love wedges, because they support the arch," Alicakos says, adding that espadrilles are in style and provide support as well.