Take the time to take care of your feet

Published: 2011-10-31 09:07:18

 You stand on them. You walk with them but you might be taking your feet for granted. That's not a good idea. Especially if you have circulatory problems or diabetes. You need healthy feet to remain active, doing the things you enjoy. And if they aren't happy, you aren't happy. 

According to livestrong.com, foot care is essential. Don't use water-based lotions, pick an emollient, like a shea butter combination. According to the website, mind your posture and whenever you have the opportunity, put your feet up. Be sure your shoes have enough room so your toes can move.

According to Podiatrist Dr. Curtis Long, a cause for concern is redness that doesn't go away or swelling. "Also, check anything that's black or blue like a bruise or darkness. If there's anything draining or bleeding, get it looked at right away, or if anything's causing pain. Older skin gets thinner and is more subject to injury. Circulation decreases most in the feet because they are farthest from the heart," he said.