Inspire Seniors to Start Walking to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day August 21

Published: 2011-08-09 10:47:57
Author: PRWEB

 Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

As part of a regular exercise regimen, it’s long been known that walking enables older Americans to feel better and live longer. A great way to have a positive impact on seniors is to encourage them to adopt a walking exercise regimen.

Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation (, a distributor of natural foot care products nationwide, says, “Walking is the number one exercise activity for seniors aged 55 and over. For those looking for ways to acknowledge their appreciation of seniors, getting sedentary loved ones to start walking DAILY can make a real difference in their overall well-being.”

Of course, before starting any exercise program including walking, a physical exam and medical clearance is advisable.

For many, weight management will also be easier once a daily walking habit is established. 
Buck offers the following tips for seniors who want to start a walking regimen, or enhance the benefits of their current routine:

1. Start slowly. Push ahead gradually, building up to a brisk walk, doing one-half hour stints at least four times a week. 
2. Walk on an even surface, not on rough trails which may have hidden holes or other obstacles which could cause injury. If possible, walk on a track rather than a cement surface. 
3. Vary the route or direction you walk each day, in order to avoid using muscles the same way all the time. 
4. Buy good, supportive shoes specially designed for walking. It’s better to purchase walking shoes from a specialty athletic shoe store, where staff is more knowledgeable about style and proper fit. Buy shoes that are comfortable, and wait until the afternoon to try on new shoes, since feet tend to swell as the day wears on. 
5. Take smaller, faster steps and swing arms faster as well, keeping them close to sides. 
6. Do a foot self-inspection every night (or morning) to check for blisters, discolored toenails, cracks or other problems. If needed, see a podiatrist for regularly scheduled foot care.

Podiatrists and other foot care experts point out that proper footwear and taking care of feet is essential to a successful walking regimen. “To inspire seniors to start walking, new walking shoes and foot care products make great SURPRISE GIFTS for Senior Citizen’s Day,” says Buck.

For improving the appearance of feet, Xenna has developed two patented products, CalleX® Exfoliating Dry Heel Ointment and NonyX® Nail Gel for Healthy-looking Toenails. Both are also diabetic-friendly based on the cosmetic exfoliation of excess keratin, the protein found in skin, nails and hair.

Dry, cracked feet are a common problem for seniors. Xenna’s acid-free, patented CalleX Exfoliating Ointment softens and exfoliates dry, cracked feet using natural, fast-acting enzymes. No scraping is necessary.