Helpful foot care tips

Published: 2011-06-13 10:25:07

  Rotate shoes: Do not wear the same pair of shoes everyday. This is to avoid the same parts of the foot being rubbed and irritated all the time.

When cleaning the feet, use rubbing alcohol: It has a drying effect on the skin and causes blood vessels to dilate, it also acts as a disinfectant to the area as it has antiseptic properties.

Always change to a clean pair of socks every day: Wear clean, well-fitting socks to cushion feet and to absorb excess moisture.

Coloured dressings are not recommended: Do not use coloured dressings such as Mercurochrome or gentian violet, as they may mask sites of infection, which makes identifying the problem that much harder for a podiatrist.

Moisturising creams: Use moisturising creams to avoid dry skin or if you are prone to developing calluses. Never use between the toes.

Inspect the insides of your shoes: Diabetics should shake shoes before putting them on to remove foreign bodies. Also, it is important to clean inside of shoes at least once a week as this helps prevent athletes' foot and other fungal/bacterial conditions.

Do-it-yourself corn removal not recommended: Never try to remove corns or calluses by yourself. Diabetics must also not use store-bought corn cure.