A new worry for women... do my feet look big in these?

Published: 2011-08-04 13:39:14


It has always been considered rude to ask a lady her age. But it seems it’s also a step too far to inquire of her shoe size. 

Women are becoming increasingly touchy about the length of their feet as average sizes go up.

Many are embarrassed because they think having large feet is masculine.

The result, according to a study, is that half of women fib to their friends and partners about the size of their shoes.

The report found women’s feet have increased by an average size-and-a-half in the past 20 years – from a 4½ in 1990 to a six in 2011.
And 82 per cent of those with size eight or nine feet say their large footprint makes them feel particularly ashamed.

This could be because it puts them on a par with men – the average British male is a size nine.

The increase in shoe sizes is attributed to women’s feet becoming broader rather than longer.
Experts believe this may be due to the increasing average height and weight of the female population.

Women said the worst thing about their size was shoe shopping.
Almost two thirds hated asking sales assistants for help. A further third were uncomfortable taking their shoes off in public.