Wound Prevention & Skin Care Solutions

Published: 2011-11-16 11:13:25
Author: colleen.keane@advocatehealth.com

Any wound that fails to heal within 4 weeks is considered chronic, and patients with chronic ulcerations and wounds of the lower extremities historically have been referred to orthopedic practices. When in fact, they should been seen in a Wound Care Clinic that focus on this type of specialty care.
An estimated 15% to 20% of diabetic patients develop foot problems at some point, many of which require surgical intervention. More¬over, foot lesions are the most common reason for which diabetic patients are hospitalized.
Chronic foot wounds develop in both diabetic and non-diabetic patients. In all patients, chronic wounds are treated with both medical and surgical expertise to save limbs and restore or preserve function.
Join us for this unique panel discussion as three physicians, Wound Care Clinic Medical Director and Surgeon, John V. Belmonte Jr., M.D.; Internist, Bozena E. Scigacz, M.D.; and Podiatrist, Dr. Mark J. Spaccapaniccia, DPM as they share their view on skin care and wound prevention. Learn the causes, signs, symptoms and treatments of non-healing wounds through this multidisciplinary approach. Bring your questions—you will ample opportunity to talk to the physicians. CODE 4G94

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