Podiatrist handed 14-day sentence

Published: 2011-12-05 11:49:45
Author: Zeke MacCormack,

 Donald E. Robinson, a podiatrist described by law officers as a sovereign citizen extremist, was sentenced this week to 14 days in jail at one of Kendall County's quickest trials in memory.

Representing himself in the two-hour proceeding, Robinson called no witnesses and didn't dispute writing on an indictment issued against him in a separate case, which prosecutors claimed constituted tampering with a government record.

“Accept for value — Return for value,” Robinson wrote on the indictment.

Jurors deliberated for six minutes before convicting the Devine doctor, who, using self-taught legal skills, filed many unorthodox pleadings in hopes of resolving the case without a trial.

County Court at Law Judge Bill Palmer sentenced Robinson to 14 days, with three days credit for time served.

Prosecutor Nicole Short said of Robinson's strategy, “He was trying to follow a different set of rules from everyone else and it didn't end well for him.”

Robinson, 67, said from jail Thursday that he's been wrongly painted as an extremist for merely asserting his rights.

“I don't belong to the Republic of Texas, and I'm not in any sovereign group,” he said.

He said his legal arguments are rooted in the Bible, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Uniform Commercial Code.