Sandal season is here

Published: 2011-06-20 09:15:27
Author: Brandon Santiago

  With temperatures rising and the first day of summer only days away, many are already putting the shoes away and pulling out their flip-flops. But, there are several things podiatrists want people to think about before deciding to use sandals, flats, wedges or any type of open-toed shoe as everyday wear.

Dr. Jeffrey Hagen, podiatrist for Adventist Health in Hanford, said the main concerns with feet during the summer are heat, dryness or too much humidity, depending on what you're wearing.

"When it comes to sandals, we see a lot of people who choose to wear them every day and come in complaining of cracked heels," Hagen said. "I usually recommend that if they are going to continue wearing sandals every day, then they should shower in the evening and after they dry off rub either Bag Balm [normally used for dry, chapped cow udders; available at vitamin or drug stores], Vapor Rub or Vaseline on their feet.

"The rub will help heal and moisturize the feet. This can also be done as a preventive measure as well, by doing the rub before the heels start to crack," he said.

Another problem that often comes up with wearing sandals, is plantar fasciitis. A band of tissue called the plantar fascia runs along the bottom of the foot. It pulls on the heel when you walk - and it works best with the proper arch in your foot.