Published: 2012-02-28 13:33:37
Author: Laura Jackson



1 Trim your nails

Ingrown toenails are preventable. Trim your nails so they don’t overhang the toes.

“Nails that overhang are prone to separating,” says Tara Oldham of nail specialists Lena White and OPI. “Toenails are tougher than those on the fingers so use clippers and cut straight across the nail,” she says. “Steer clear of curved nail scissors.”

2 Wear the right size shoes

Our feet don’t stay the same size all our adult lives. Weight loss, pregnancy and conditions such as arthritis can lead to changes in the shape of our feet.

“If you lose weight you can get a slight shrinking,” says Judith Barbaro-Brown, podiatrist and teaching fellow at Durham University. “While many women find they are permanently a shoe size larger after having children.”

Shoe sizes often vary depending on the manufacturer.

“It’s always worth trying a half size above and below your usual size to be sure of the best fit,” says Judith.

3 Inspect your toes

Hard skin on the heels and soles of the feet should be treated with a foot file or cream.

“You should inspect your toes once a week,” says Judith. “If you have corns don’t try to carve them out yourself. See a professional podiatrist.” 

Fungal infections of the toenails should also be dealt with immediately.