KCI's V.A.C.Via(TM) Therapy System Named a Leading Innovation by Podiatry Today

Published: 2011-09-12 08:35:58
Author: Kinetic Concepts, Inc.

 Kinetic Concepts, Inc. KCI -0.98% today announced that its V.A.C.Via(TM) Therapy System was named one of the "Top Ten Innovations in Podiatric Technology" by trade publication Podiatry Today.

Podiatry Today ranked V.A.C.Via(TM) second among innovative devices for its quarter-sized, virtually silent pump that makes it a patient-friendly treatment option. The publication also recognized V.A.C.Via(TM) System's seven-day performance on one battery charge, as opposed to heavy NiCd rechargeable batteries found in other NPWT devices, as another factor leading to its innovative ranking.

The V.A.C.Via(TM) Therapy System is a next-generation negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) solution that offers clinicians and patients an off-the-shelf, portable healing technology that delivers all of the benefits of V.A.C.(R) Therapy. The technology provides a wound healing environment for low- to moderate-exudating wounds while offering simplicity, mobility and convenience to both physicians and patients.

"Miniaturizing V.A.C.(R) Therapy in the form of the V.A.C.Via(TM) System ensures trusted, cost-effective outcomes with added mobility," said Mike Genau, global president, KCI's Active Healing Solutions(TM). "Helping patients return to their normal routine, while receiving world-class wound care takes industry leading research and developers who put patients first -- that is at the heart of what we do at KCI."