Help, my feet are killing me!

Published: 2011-09-16 12:08:39
Author: Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan

 There is nothing like talking to a podiatrist to make you gulp and wish that it is easier to throw away that sky-high pair of Louboutin pumps you'd saved up for months to buy on Net-A-Porter.

But reality hits home, nonetheless. One of the main causes of foot pain in women is walking in heels for long periods, causing the forefoot to laboriously handle all the body weight.

It's a pretty mean thing to subject the feet to, but getting women to live without heels is a podiatrist's losing battle, right from the onset.

"If I have a magic wand, sure, I will make high heels (especially those above 2.5 inches) vanish so that fewer women will have foot problems," says Australian podiatrist Brendan Bergin. "But most women refuse to live without their heels... so in the end, it's about minimising the damage, not about the perfect footwear."

By the way, the perfect pair of shoes is, and will always be, a pair of athletic shoes, Bergin says firmly.


"They are designed for maximum performance, with maximum cushioning, solid fastening, good heel grip and good arch support for those who need it," Which are what feet need, really.

There is no such thing as perfect shoes beyond the realm of athletic shoes, but for some compromise, both men's business shoes and women's flat shoes give average performance. The perfect pair of heels does not exist in a podiatrist's dictionary, because "high heels transfer the body weight to the front of the foot and foot joints struggle to cope with such weight."