Eradicil Launches Buy One Get One Free Promotion to Help Athlete’s Foot Sufferers in the Warmer Weather

Published: 2011-06-07 09:41:26
Author: PRWEB UK

  United Kingdom (PRWEB UK) 7 June 2011

With no end in sight to the warm weather in Britain, more people are likely to be suffering from athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections, mainly due to lack of good ventilation in their shoes.

To help athlete’s foot sufferers combat the uncomfortable and often painful infection, Eradicil have launched a Buy One, get One Free summer promotion. The offer is available exclusively on the secure website

Athlete’s foot is a common summer irritant, prevalent in as many as a third of the UK population at any one time and is very contagious. It starts when warmer weather naturally increases the amount that we perspire. If your feet are trapped in poorly ventilated shoes, such as trainers and closed-in shoes, you can quickly develop athlete’s foot.

The symptoms become obvious when the skin between your toes starts to look white and soggy and the soles of your feet are dry and scaly. You may also see red and blistered areas around the edges of your feet.

Athlete’s foot is very infectious and can spread via floors, bath mats, towels, sheets and even on underwear.

Eradicil laundry sanitiser, specially formulated to kill the micro-organisms from athlete’s foot in the pre-wash at temperatures as low as 15 degrees centigrade breaks the cycle of re-infection by killing off the micro-organisms. Topical creams are only the first line of defence against athlete’s foot and similar infections.

Eradicil have just launched a Buy One Get One Free promotion to help athlete’s foot sufferers break the cycle of re-infection during the warm weather.

Eradicil costs £7.99 per 200ml bottle including VAT.

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